I'm Brianna anyone can call me Bri or B! And yo, you can always go on ahead and message me, I'll be happy to talk.
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when you promise someone youll do something for them but you keep putting it off




ok but give me one good reason why you wouldn’t date Kermit the frog besides that he is a puppet and a frog

I can’t beat Miss Piggy in a fight. She’s very strong and knows karate.


school started for me last week, so i have to get back into photoshop for my classes

here’s a work in progress! the colours on my laptop screen are always more dull than my cintiq so i have to remember to fix that when i complete this =v=

time for bed, i have to wake up early hahaha *sob*

This baby lion is so stupidly important to me

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Cr1TiKaL jump scare reactions.





tumblr is like this:


we should be like this:


why would a cool jock like me want to get along with nerds?


why do these all have different websites’ watermarks on them if they are from the same photoshoot

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a really good play man I just saw something that reminded me of it and now I’m just like “Dang I never once saw a better play…” not even Wicked can compare. Les Mis either really idk man there was just something really great about the version I saw. Really good actor but also more than that. 

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Has anyone played harvest moon ds and survived